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The Rock'n Soul Choir started as a humble community choir in 2007.

The Rock'n Soul Choir has since evolved into 'Sing Up' - A naughtier choir who sing at the pub! 

It's the same singing goodness but with more voices, live music, beer and wine.... what's there not to like?

Check out our gallery for a sneak peak and come join us at our next Sing Up for a sing!


At 'Sing Up' - You're joining the band!

Whether a closet singer, shower singer or pro singer You are PERFECT the way you are!​

Together, we'll take a leap of faith and learn to sing a popular song with harmonies, alcohol and live music!
Sounds like a recipe for success! 

All that's required, is YOU and a working elbow to cheers & sing the night away!


Welcome to MVT - My Vocal Training

At MVT, every class is customised to suit your unique vocal needs by Master vocal coach - Candice Loh.

Online and studio singing lessons for all ages and levels are available.


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